Morning Has Broken

Morning Has Broken targets the “slightly older” crowd with peaceful yet playful renditions of popular childhood favorites. Designed to be both magical and calming, these familiar tunes are timed and paced to help your little ones relax while helping to get a few of their wiggles out.

Emmy-award-winning composer Kurt Bestor has provided all of the inspiring arrangements in both All Through the Night and Morning Has Broken.  For over 20 years, Kurt has composed an incredible variety of music in a myriad of styles and genres.  All Through the Night is yet another evidence of the versatility and brilliance of Kurt's work.

The CD cover photography and digital artwork in All Through the Night and Morning Has Broken was created at the hand of commercial photographer Mark Mabry.  Mark's work has been seen in person by over nearly a million people throughout Canada, New Zealand, and much of the United States.

The composite calming influences available uniquely in All Through the Night and Morning Has Broken will become a timeless treasure for your entire family, and will whisk away the concerns and pressures of the outside world.  We hope you will enjoy these beautiful productions for years to come.